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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Artist Of The Week 5 / 8 / 2019

The student I am choosing to recognize today has come a long way since the start of the year. Art Class has not always been easy for them, partly because they are a natural artist with lots of their own ideas. Sometimes students like this have a hard time trying new projects because they want to make art their own way. I always try to give students an opportunity to put their own ideas into their work, but I do have to ensure that they learn certain things and practice different skills. This student has been doing an amazing job cooperating with me in the art room. What I really like about this piece is that the artist made a plan and then made it a reality by doing Careful, Quality Work! Check out his awesome painting that he created using the Secondary Colors: Orange, Green, and Purple that he mixed himself and the Primary Color Red. Nice Work BW from Mr. Deane’s 3rd Grade Class, student artist of the week!

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Artist of the Week 5 / 2 / 2019

 This week I am recognizing a 4th Grade student for having great success with their weaving project. In this case weaving includes threading yarn over and under the strings that cross our looms. Creating a full weaving takes a degree of skill of the hands, mastering some simple knots, and the perseverance to continue the repetitive motions until the piece is completed. Although challenging for some, many students in our 4th Grade have already completed multiple weavings. The young woman I am choosing to recognize this week has seemed much happier in art class lately. Ever since she made a really nice Asian Dragon she has smiled more, been more motivated to make quality work, and has interacted more with her classmates. She has been happy to help me and other students which has not always been the case. It is really nice to see, and I am very thankful to see her shine in this way. She is also on her 3rd weaving! Congratulations AB in Mrs. Towle's 4th Grade Class student artist of the week!

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Artist of the Week 4 / 25 / 2019

  Today I am recognizing a student who is quiet and is always paying attention in Art Class. He works hard on his art both in and outside of the art room. As we have been finishing up our project he has been unable to stop adding more details, including a bow and quiver, a sword and shield, and a helmet. Congratulations to DD in Mrs. Wheeler’s 5th Grade Class!

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Artist of the Week 3 / 28 / 2019

All the winter artwork is down at Fisher Mitchell School and art work celebrating spring is going up in the hallways. You may have seen some 3rd Grade landscapes showing overlapping green hills and trees just starting to bud. Many students did a really nice job on these. I especially like some of the examples from Mrs. Walsh’s class. 

The student I am choosing to recognize today is an very nice and quiet young women. She takes her time and always does quality work. The purple she put in her sky makes me think of a damp spring day. I also enjoy that she has a new baby fox with its mother, as we know that spring is the time when many animals have their young. Congratulations M G-B in Mrs. Walsh’s 3rd Grade Class, Student Artist of the Week!

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Artist of the Week 3 / 21 / 2019

The student I am choosing to recognize today has a strong interest in art. He regularly participates in extra art, as well as working on projects in his free time and outside of school. He likes to take his art in his own direction. This year we have done a lot of work together helping him to learn how to respectfully make a project more his own. As you might know, we have done a lot of work with Asian Dragons in 4th Grade. The Asian Dragon is kind of a mash-up of different animals, so 4th Grade students were invited to sculpt a clay dragon or come up with another kind of animal mash up. This student asked if he could sculpt his favorite deejay, who is a kind of a mash up between a marsh mellow and a man. He succeeded in doing something extremely difficult: using clay to make a freestanding figure balanced on two legs. He is also completing this very cool cardboard skateboard. Congratulations B.C. in Ms. Phippen's 4th Grade Class student artist of the week!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Artist of the Week 3 / 14 /2019

The student I am choosing to recognize this week has become very interested in art during the time I have known her. She is a fast worker and always completes her projects, although sometimes I wish she would slow down just a little bit to concentrate on her craftsmanship. She has participated in Extra Art making very cool sculptures and she loves working with oil pastel. She is one of the first students in the 5th grade to finish her hand sewn hand puppet. Congratulations to IR in Mrs. Gerrish’s 5th Grade Class, Student Artist of the Week! Nice Goat!

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Artist of the Week 3 / 7 / 2019

I usually like to recognize artist and their finished art works, but in all grades our students work is in the process of being completed. 4th Graders are just beginning their clay sculptures. After a review of using ceramic clay, a demonstration on building our project, and a draft for the following week 4th Grade students were given the opportunity to make a small pendant. They were required to be rather flat and to experiment with texture or lines in this quick piece. 

The student I am choosing to recognize has a great imagination and an interesting sense of humor. He often surprises me by taking his projects to a next level. There are many very cool pendants that were started last week and I can’t wait to see them glazed and hung on a string. This student did something that no other student and started to sculpt a creature popping out of the pendant. This is called sculpting in relief. An example of a relief sculpture is a face on one of our coins. Congratulations to W. R. in Mrs. Towles’s 4th Grade, Student Artist of the Week, for his relief of a dragon on this cool start to his medallion. I will be sure to share a photo of this piece when it is done.