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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Artist of the Week 5/16/2018

Today I would like to recognize a 5th grade student in Ms. Roys’s 5th Grade Class. She always puts a little bit of herself into her art work, which is kind of the point. Her work is thoughtful and means something to her personally, even if she sometimes takes assignments in her own direction. I am recognizing her for her amazing Ceramic Sculpture. 5th Grade students were invited to revisit a form they all have experience with, the pinch pot, and make it their own by Scratch, Water, and Attaching (Score & Slip) at least four parts, and also adding detail by creating surface design. Not only did she do all these things, but she made a very unique and successful sculpture. Check out her beautiful Elephant Pinch Pot! Nice Job Olivia Warlick! 

Also please remember to tell your family and friends that you can view this sculpture, and our whole schools’ clay projects, and 2 dimensional art works at this Friday’s FMS Art Show starting at 5:30pm.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Artist of the Week 5/9/2018

Today I would like to recognize a 4th grade student who has been impressing me with her figure drawings since I first met her in 3rd Grade. The word figure is pretty cool because it has multiple meanings. In the art world “figure” means the human body. This student is very conscious about how our attitudes affect our lives. She is calm and understanding and gives good advice to her friends (and her art teacher). I would like to recognize her for her large figure drawing of the superhero that radiates positive energy that is displayed by the entry way to the gym! Nice job Taylor Tate from 4S Artist of the Week!

Friday, May 4, 2018

Artist of the Week 5/3/2018

This week I would like to recognize 3 students as artists of the week. First I have to say the whole FMS Third Grade has really been making some amazing art! We looked at the Canadian artist Ted Harrison and his fantastically colored arctic landscapes. Third Graders  have been making chalk landscapes using this artist's overlapping hills and brightly colored skies as a jumping off point. Today’s first student is quiet and super nice! She actually made this piece the week before, but it’s so good I have to recognize it! Her carefully rendered hills and overlapping clouds in the strangely colored sky earn her a place as an Artist of the Week. Awesome Job Kaleyn Hickey in Ms. Newkirk’s class! Next is a young woman is also in Ms. Newkirk’s class. She is not quiet, but she is nice too. She always challenges herself with her art projects. In the foreground of her landscape is a railing with shading and so many examples of overlapping.  This one of those pieces I didn’t notice until class was over for some time, but then was amazed. Amazing Job Petra Thelen! The 3rd student has been working on a ventriloquist dummy in Enrichment Art. It finally came together and then we made this impromptu video of it singing a popular song. It’s awesome! Nice Job Caiden Ashton! And nice job Irsa for doing the lights in the video!



Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Artist of the Week 4/24/2018

Today it was particularly difficult to choose an artist of the week because FMS Students have been making SO MUCH GOOD ART! 3rd graders sculptures are coming out of the kiln and they have also been making some really cool chalk landscapes! 4th graders have been finishing up their weavings and are about to start a new project, and 5th graders have been planning and sculpting their ceramic projects. It’s a busy time of year with the FMS Art Show coming up on Friday May, 18th.

The student I am choosing to recognize this week tries his best in class, has participated in Enrichment Art, and makes wok at home. He is also someone I can count on to help others.  He has some experience with paper mache. He just finished this penguin surfing on an iceberg in Enrichment Art. It’s very hard to make a sculpture stand up like this, but he did it! Nice work Caiden Webster, Artist of the Week 4/25!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Banners Over Bath 2018


I need to take a moment to recognize two artistic friends. One of the cool things that the town of Bath does to help build community and celebrate arts is the  Banners Over Bath celebration. Every spring community members can have their own artwork grace our cool little city’s streets. This requires artists to design a 2’ x 3’  canvas banner that will hang from the lampposts downtown. This design must not only help make Bath more beautiful, but also withstand our spring weather. As the Art Teacher at Fisher Mitchell School I have struggled to figure out how I could get multiple students involved with a format that is small when compared to our over 300 students. Then I thought maybe I was making things too hard for myself. One thing I am still learning is how to let go of control and better delegate tasks. Just after I had these thoughts Emily Harper and Julia Marlowe entered my classroom. These two creative young women have asked to collaborate on projects all year and had great results doing so. I could ask them if they were interested and let them take charge of this project and I would be able to check something off my list that never seems to end! I gave these two very little guidance, and trusted them to create a complete piece. I think their design came out great! Nice work Julia and Emily!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Artist of the Week 4/11/2018

    Today I would like to recognize two students in Mrs. Towles’ 4th grade class. They are both amazing artists in their own right. One of these students has been an amazing helper all year. She always remembers projects and art terms from previous classes. Because she had experience with Weaving in an art class at the school she went to before, she has been really fast and been super helpful with other students by teaching them her skills. She is so good at weaving she could teach the class! The other student sometimes has trouble completing assignments. One thing everyone can agree on, though, is that he is super creative! His paper weaving did not turn out like everyone else’s. His paper weaving turned out like a winged monster! He worked with me to show me that he understood weaving, and Compromised with me to weave parts of the body and the wings. His project is a great example how you can sometimes take projects in your own direction if you work with your teachers!
Nice job Keller Matzke and Alyssa Cogswell student Artists of the Week! 

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Artist of the Week 4/4/18

This student has been super helpful in her class. She makes sure to reach out to students in her class who might be having trouble with their assignments. Last week when we were waiting for our clay sculptures to go through the kiln the first time, Ms. Barker our FMS Librarian asked me if I might read the Chickadee Award winning book “Maybe Something Beautiful” during art class. It is a story about how a young girl and a mural painter help bring beauty to a town. After reading the book to students they were invited to make their own beautiful and artistic house with cut paper and other art materials. Look at all the amazing details this artist included in her work! The Artist of the Week for 4/4/2018 is Emma Swain in Mr Deane’s 3rd Grade Class. Nice work Emma!